H.E. Mr. Ly Phalla
Director General, General Directorate of Rubber Plantations, Cambodia
Mr. Phalla is the Director General of the General Directorate of Rubber Plantations, a central level organization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia that is tasked to develop and promote rubber industry in the kingdom. Prior to this, he was the Deputy Director of the External Department of Commerce. He had an earlier stint as the Manager of the Office for Export and Import in Kamexim Co Ltd and was also with SONECSIM Co Ltd. Mr Phalla is a graduate of Law and Science of Economy from the Faculty of Law and Economy, Cambodia.
H.E. Mr. Mak Kim Hong
President, Association for Rubber Development of Cambodia, Cambodia
Mr Mak is the President of the Association for Rubber Development of Cambodia. He is also concurrently the Chairman and Director General of Chup Rubber Plantations – one of the largest rubber planting companies in Cambodia, a Board Member of the Cambodian Rubber Research Institute and the President of the Board of the Royal University of Agriculture. He is also serving as an Advisor to Samdech Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia. Mr. Mark was a Professor of Mathematics and Physics prior to joining the corporate sector and has an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration conferred by the National University of America.
Dr. Hidde Smit
Secretary-General, International Rubber Study Group, United Kingdom
Dr. Smit is Secretary-General of the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG). IRSG is an intergovernmental organization of nations founded in 1944 with the primary objective of deliberating and discussing matters affecting the supply and demand of both natural rubber (NR) and synthetic rubber (SR). Prior to assuming the post of Secretary-General of IRSG, Dr. Smit was the Managing Director of the Economic and Social Institute, Free University, Amsterdam from 1995 to 2004. During his tenure Dr. Smit was involved in many consultancy assignments for a large number of companies and international organisations. Dr. Smit has conducted a substantive amount of research on commodity markets and macro-economic modelling. His special interests in the commodity area have focused on modelling investment and long-term production in agriculture, notably on rubber.
Dr. R.K. Matthan
Managing Director, Revertex-KA Latex, India
Dr. Matthan is currently the R&D and Technology Adviser for Revertex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and Director of Revertex-KA Latex (India) Pvt Ltd and sits on the board of a few other corporations based in India. He was part of the team tasked with the development of natural rubber and rubber based industries in manufacturing in South Asia and also introduced the Technically Specified Natural Rubber into India. Through the years, he has promoted NR as an environment friendly, sustainable and renewable resource in India and South Asia. He is adviser to a few leading national and international companies and research bodies and also a member of the Governing Council of key rubber related institutes and associations in India. Dr. Matthan graduated from St Stephens College, Delhi University (1957-1961) and he did his postgraduate studies at the National College of Rubber Technology, London (1962-68). He has a Doctorate in Polymer Chemistry and is a fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (U.K.), National College Rubber Technology (U.K.) and Indian Rubber Institute.
Dato' Dr. Ong Eng Long
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council, Malaysia
Dato’ Dr. Ong is currently the Deputy CEO of the Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council. He has more than 30 years of experience in the rubber industry and has made significant contribution to the development of rubber-based industry in Malaysia through the promotion of R & D in the sector. He has served the industry - first as a researcher and later as an R & D leader and administrator and now a promoter of rubber products. His vast experience in R & D has helped the development of innovative tailor made rubber and rubber products for the niche market. He holds a BSc. (Hons) degree from the University of Malaya and a doctorate degree from Queen Mary College, London. Dato’ Dr. Ong has more than 150 publications in areas of rubber physics and latex dipped products. He is an elected Fellow of the Malaysian Academy of Sciences and is also a Fellow of the Institute of Materials and a Fellow of the Plastic and Rubber Institute.
Mr. Christie Robert
Chairman, International Organization for Standardization & TC45, Malaysia
Mr. Robert is the Chairman of ISO/TC45. He worked for several years in the rubber industry in the United Kingdom before returning to Malaysia in 1969 to join the Guthrie Plantation Group, serving in various positions before being appointed as the Controller for Rubber and Cocoa. He then joined STIK Polymers in 1995 as the Senior Vice-President and promoted a unique rubber recycling technology in Asia, Europe and North America. In 1998, he started his own consultancy companies CDR Stats-Tech Services and Qa Plus Asia-Pacific, providing training and technical advisory services to the rubber industry and the agricultural sector. He served as the Chairman of the Malaysian Rubber Producer's Technical Committee from 1983-1995 and also served as the Chairman of the National Committee of Standards for Rubber and Rubber Products from 1983-2005. He is an Associate Graduate of the National College of Rubber Technology, London.
Mr. Sajen Peter
Chairman, Rubber Board of India, India
Mr. Peter is the Chairman of the Rubber Board of Kottayam under the purview of India’s Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Since April 2006, he is also the Chairman of the Economic Committee of the International Rubber Study Group. Prior to this, he had served the Government of India in various capacities in diverse agencies such as Board of Revenue and Tourism Development Corporation. Before his appointment as the Chairman of the Rubber Board of Kottayam, he was the Secretary to the Government consecutively starting with Agriculture before moving on to Revenue, Taxes and finally General Education. He holds both the Bachelor and Master of Arts Degrees in English Literature as well as Bachelor of Law from the University of Kerala. He also graduated with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Cochin, and holds a Master of Arts Degrees in Rural Development, University of East Anglia (U.K.).
Mr. Chen Ke Xin
Senior Economist, Ministry of International Trade & Logistics, China
Mr. Chen is currently the Senior Economist cum Head of Department at the China Federation of Logistics and Information Centre. The Federation which falls under the government’s Ministry of International Trade and Logistics aims to develop and promote China's logistics and purchasing industry. His research on the demand and supply of rubber and metal in China is widely used among private and government institutions. Mr. Chen was appointed as a Commodity Expert by the College of Social Science in China and his achievement in doing outstanding and influential work with and for China Commodity Production Market landed him a seat as one of the key personnel in charge of designing China's economic blue print. Mr. Chen is an economics graduate from the University of Yun Nam, China.
Dato' Dr. Kamarul Baharain Basir
Director General, Malaysian Rubber Board, Malaysia
Dato’ Dr. Kamarul Baharain Basir was appointed as the Director General of the MRB in January 2006. Previously, he was the Deputy Director General (R&D) of the MRB. Dato’ Dr. Kamarul’s impressive career development, achievements in the academic arena, and involvement in scientific projects and innovations have contributed to his career advancement. Dato’ Dr. Kamarul joined the Rubber Research Institute Malaysia (now the MRB) in 1976 after graduating from the University of Strathclyde in Mechanical Engineering. In 1979 he pursued his post graduate study in the field of polymer engineering, and obtained his PhD in polymer processing from the Loughborough University of Technology in 1985. In almost 30 years of service to the MRB, he has authored more than 60 technical papers and reports. He has also presented papers at national and international levels on topics related to rubber engineering. With his expertise and experience in rubber engineering, Dato’ Dr. Kamarul has also successfully led numerous research projects funded by the Malaysian Government.
Mr. Sang Udomjarumani
Chief Executive Officer, International Rubber Consortium Limited, Thailand
Mr. Udomjarumani is Permanent Honorary President of the Thai Rubber Association, Adviser to the Rubber Council of Thailand, Director of Thailand’s Rubber Supervisory Board and Chief Executive Offi cer of International Rubber Consortium Limited (IRCo). He has been long involved in the rubber industry in Thailand and the international stage, having served multiple terms as the President of the Thai Rubber Association and was also the Chairman of the International Rubber Association from 2002-2005.
HE. Mr. Emmanuel F. Pinol
Governor, Province of Cotabato, Philippines
Mr. Pinol has been the Governor for the Province of Cotabato, Philippines since 1998. As the Governor of the main province in the Philippines that produces rubber, he has been involved with the promotion of rubber and its related industries in the Philippines. He has been the Chairman of a few task force studies that promote agriculture in the Philippines. Mr. Pinol holds a Bachelor of science in Development Communication from the University of Mindanao, Philippines.
Mr. Le Quang Thung
Chairman, Vietnam Rubber Association, Vietnam
Mr. Le Quang Thung is Chairman of the Vietnam Rubber Association (VRA) for the period 2005 till 2008. VRA is a voluntary organization established in 2004 and a legal entity which represents enterprises and organizations relating to the Vietnam rubber industry. VRA’s objectives are to assist and coordinate its members’ activities, protect their legal rights and in promoting the sustainable development of the rubber industry. He is also the Director General of the Vietnam General Rubber Corporation (GERUCO) which is the biggest rubber enterprise in Vietnam. GERUCO is investing in new rubber planting in Laos and preparing for a rubber development projects in Cambodia.
Mr. Toms Joseph
Economist, Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries, Malaysia
Mr. Toms Joseph graduated from the University of Kerala, with a Masters in Economics. He worked as Economist in Indian Rubber Board under the Ministry of Commerce in India for 15 years before joining The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries in 2002, where he holds the position of Economist. He has spoken extensively in international conferences and has written more than 50 publications covering topics related to natural rubber, rubber wood, rubber based industries and international trade.
Mr. Daryl Guppy
Director, Guppytraders.com, Australia
Mr. Guppy is an internationally renowned author, financial trader and trainer who uses technical analysis and charts to understand the market and to explore trading opportunities. He conducts training on trading strategies and technical analysis to professional traders across Australasia, Europe and the United States and features regularly on CNBC providing technical based market commentary. Mr. Guppy is founder and Director of Guppytraders.com Pty Ltd headquartered in Darwin, Australia with offices around Asia. He is an active private trader in securities and associated derivatives. Guppytraders.com has joint ventures with NextView in Singapore and Pristine in America. They cooperate with three world renowned financial software companies – Reuters, Metastock and Omnitrader to develop trading software.
Mr. Robert Simmons
Head of Rubber and Tyre Research Division, LMC International Limited, United Kingdom
Mr. Simmons is LMC International's Head of Rubber and Tyre Research Division, a position he has held since 2000. LMC International is an independent economic and business consultancy providing economic research and consultancy services for a broad range of industries, including the rubber and tyre industries. Mr. Simmons learnt about natural rubber in Papua New Guinea where he worked for the Department of Agriculture in the early 1990s prior to joining LMC in 1994. He is an economist by training and has a Masters Degree from Reading University.
Mr. Chong Kim Seng
Managing Director, Joint Asian Derivatives Exchange
Mr. Chong is the Managing Director of Joint Asian Derivatives Exchange (JADE), a division of SGX-DT. JADE is a JV between Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and Singapore Exchange (SGX). Both are public listed institutions. Mr. Chong is a specialist in the trading and management of commodities and has worked extensively in the Asia Pacific region, India, the Middle East, Europe and Africa and in a variety of areas, including food and feed grains; soft commodities like coffee, cocoa and sugar; industrial commodities like natural rubber and base metals; and energy commodities.
Mr. Chiaki Furui
CEO, Agrow Enterprise Co. Ltd, Thailand
Mr. Furui is currently the Chairman and CEO of Agrow Enterprise Co. Ltd, a commodity broking house in Bangkok, He has been in rubber trade for over 30 years as a physical and futures trader of Marubeni Corporation as a trader and the management of its offices in Japan and Thailand. Subsequent to that, he was a management member of one of the big broking houses in Japan, Yutaka Shoji Co. Ltd, serving in its offices in Tokyo and Singapore. He has also served as a Board Member of the Singapore Commodity Exchange and Osaka Mercantile Exchange for 11 years.
Mr. Jinichi Matsunaga
Senior Vice President, The Tokyo Commodity Exchange
Mr. Matsunaga is the Senior Vice President of the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM). He has been involved in market operation and membership management of the Tokyo Rubber Exchange and TOCOM for more than 20 years in total. During this period, Mr. Matsunaga actively involved in the successful development of trading platform and the institution of delivery system of TOCOM market. He currently oversees the administration of TOCOM worldwide membership network.